March 5, 2012

BC Sportsman's Show

The BC Sportsman's Show ended yesterday and judging from the line-up to get in the door, the show was a success. Here's what it looked like around mid morning:
I managed to spend a few hours walking around the hall meeting people and checking out what's new and interesting. Considering the show's location (Abbotsford) it's understandable that most of the displays and products are fishing related, but there were enough hunting booths to keep me occupied for a while. Here's what I found...

tHow about a tiny computerized device that tells you how long to hang your game in order to obtain perfect flavour and tenderization every time? That's what the Tenderum is. It was apparently developed in Sweden and is being introduced to Canada by a BC entrepreneur. To use the device, you simply hang it next to your dressed out carcass and wait for it to tell you when the meat is ready to process.

It does this by continuously monitoring temperature then calculating and predicting when the meat will reach optimum tenderness. As you can see in the photo it expresses the results in a percentage of the process which has been completed and telling you how many days or hanging are still required. Price is about $32.00. There is lots more info at

Have you ever tossed an old uncertifiable propane tank into a metal recycling bin and wished someone could do more with those things than just use them for scrap metal? I sure have, and a retired welder and mechanic, Bob Jensen, has finally figured out something useful to do with those tanks. He makes little stoves out of them! Using all sizes of tanks he cuts, welds and paints in order to create the cutest stoves I've ever seen. Can a stove be cute? These are.

The little 20 lb tank/stoves come in a simple stove only design that you can use for heat or surface cooking  and they also come in a BBQ version. They start around $60 a piece. Cheap!
Check out Bob's website at for his complete line.

I spent some time at the Vortex booth as well, learning they now have added a laser range finder to their line of optics. This a first for this growing company and it looks like they did a good job on their first try. This unit is extremely small but still capable of ranging 1000 yards on highly reflective targets. On soft targets, like game animals, maximum range will naturally be less.

What I thought was the most interesting thing about this range finder is the warranty. Vortex, of course, is known for having an excellent warranty program and they extended it to this product as well by giving it a limited lifetime guarantee. That means they won't warranty it if you drive over it with your truck, but if anything goes wrong with the unit in normal use, it's covered. To my knowledge, this is the only range finder on the market with this kind of warranty. Even the uber-expensive European models only have one or two year coverage. If a new range finder is in your future this one should be available in stores later this summer.

There's lots other news from Vortex as well. Including a complete redesign of their value-priced Crossfire rifle scopes, new tripods and tripod accessories, new scope mounting rings, red dot sights and more. Check out thier website for all the details:

That's it for this report.

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